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Replace, Repair or Maintain? What Your Air Conditioner Wants You to Know

BiTemp LTD. provides air conditioning repair, replacement or preventative maintenance in Belleville, Ontario.

Replace, Repair or Maintain? What Your Air Conditioner Wants You to Know

Here in Belleville Ontario, we are quite accustomed to cold weather. Another snowfall? No problem. Sleet and ice in the forecast yet again? We've got this.

But an epic heat wave? More of the kind of sweltering weather we saw last summer? That is another matter entirely.

This type of weather is quite simply hard to handle. This is especially true if you do not have an air conditioner at your permanent residence or seasonal cottage.

Are you worried about another round of skyrocketing summer temperatures? Now is the time to implement a plan to stay cool this summer season.

Looking for professional heating and cooling  in Belleville, Ontario, to get you through the summer with great HVAC service? Contact our team at Bi-Temp LTD.


Should You Replace, Repair or Maintain Your Air Conditioner?

Here are the key milestones you can watch out for to indicate whether you are looking at an air conditioning repair, replacement or simply a need for routine preventative maintenance.

Happy 10th Birthday, Air Conditioner!

Has your current air conditioner system celebrated its tenth birthday?

EnergyStar states that this is always the right time to start thinking about an air conditioner replacement.

You may think this is just because your air conditioner is old. Major parts and systems are wearing out. Air conditioning repairs can become expensive.

But there is an additional component many people overlook.

Newer air conditioner units can deliver efficiency gains of up to 20 percent!

This is due to technology advances - even a perfectly maintained older air conditioner cannot hope to compete with the efficiency of a brand new unit.

But what if you inherited your AC unit with your current property and you don't know how old it is?

There are a few things that can help here.

1. Locate the make, model and unit serial or product number and give the manufacturer a call. They may be able to hook you up with a manufacturing date.

2. Take a look on the nameplate of the unit and look for a little note that starts with MFG. This is the manufacturing date!

3. Give your Bi-Temp HVAC service technician a call. We can do the research on your behalf and try to lock in a firm date for you.


Is Your Air Conditioner Jumping Into Your Wallet?

Escalating air conditioning repair bills and/or monthly energy bills can be a very reliable indicator that your air conditioner is pondering retirement.

Of course, you want to first verify that the power costs in your local area have not increased. If all else remains equal, it is likely due to an aging AC drawing more power to do the same job.

Sometimes simple preventative maintenance can ease this type of issue - at least to get it through one more summer season.

But once your air conditioner starts to dip into your wallet and eat away at your home maintenance budget on a regular basis, you can expect more of the same in the months to come.

Since our warm season is relatively brief here in the far north, this can also mean enduring a system blowout right in the middle of the hottest part of our year.


Do You Have an Aspiring Rock Musician Inside Your AC Unit?

Yet another very reliable warning sign that your air conditioner is heading for a major repair or an outright breakdown is operational volume.

This may mean hearing a simple increase in the normal on/off cycling sounds. Or sometimes it can mean the introduction of new knocks, bangs, clangs, whistles, whirs, sighs, rumbles, rattles and screeches reminiscent of your grunge rock days.

When your AC unit starts to sound like you have a garage band practicing in your attic or basement, this is a clear sign it is time to call your Bi-Temp service technician for an evaluation.


When Was the Date of Your Last Air Conditioning Maintenance Service?

Many of our clients inherited their current HVAC system when they purchased their home or commercial space.

And in many cases, the prior owner provided little to no history regarding the existing HVAC units and their past repair and maintenance history.

Because of this, it can be difficult to know what to expect as summer rolls in again.

When was the last time the system was thoroughly cleaned, balanced, calibrated and lubricated? What about topping off refrigerant levels, clearing the drain pipe or cleaning the condenser coils?

Are the electrical wires, fuses, contractors and breakers intact and secure? And how about that all-important air filter - is it clean and clear or clogged and crusty?

How does your indoor air smell? Are you constantly running around the house spritzing air "freshener" or burning candles to combat mystery odours? Does your indoor air feel strangely humid or unevenly cool?

Not only are all these the classic signs and symptoms of a poorly maintained air conditioner, but they are also all too frequently the precursors to bigger issues like mould and mildew and home fires.


Contact Us for a FREE Air Conditioner Quote

Summer is a busy season here at Bi-Temp heating and cooling in Belleville Ontario. With major surprise repairs and AC outages, our HVAC service technicians stay busy making service calls to our residential clients and commercial HVAC systems.

This is why spring is a great time to schedule your air conditioner preventative maintenance and safety inspection service appointment!

Spring is also the ideal time to request a free quote for a new air conditioner!

Today's HVAC service technology is more sophisticated and efficient than at any other time in history.

We have options to fit all budgets, from simple low profile ductless air conditioner units for non-ducted spaces to central air conditioners, commercial rooftop units, heat pumps and even geothermal systems.


Bi-Temp LTD. In Belleville Handles All Your HVAC Needs

Dreading a return of last summer's triple digit temperatures? Bi-Temp in Belleville can help! Our expert HVAC service technicians install, repair and maintain all makes and models of air conditioner equipment.

We can keep you and your family cool and comfortable all summer long!

Contact us at 1-613-967-1066 or visit us online.

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