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Promising Professional and Prompt Service - NO MATTER THE HOUR!

During COVID-19 Safety Protocols We Are Able To Provide Essential Emergency Service Where It Is Safe To Do So. 

Emergencies happen, we know that first hand, and we want you to know that your needs are our priority! Call us at 613 967-1066 and we will ensure maximum comfort and safety within your home - DAY AND NIGHT!

We’ve been in business a long time, so we know the importance of providing our professional services as promptly as possible. Whether it be an emergency installation or an urgent repair, Bi-Temp is there for you - no matter the hour. Not only can we provide over-the-phone assistance, but we can also send a qualified technician right to your doorstep to solve the problem for you! We cover all emergency repairs/installations related to gas leaks, heating, air conditioning, and hot water. Whatever your heating and cooling emergency/repair might be, we are always here to get everything up and running for you! 

What You Can Expect - Day or Night!

Personalized and Friendly Support and Service

  • We value your business and will go above and beyond to ensure that you receive the high quality service you expect. 

A Team You Can Trust To Get The Job Done Right

  • We consider all of our customers to be family, and providing you with the highest quality service, at the best possible rate, and in the most efficient manner is how we promise to take care of you.


  • No matter what time of day it is, you can rely on our support team and on-call technicians to assist you. We are prompt, prepared, and professional! 

Certified Technicians 

  • We promise to provide you with highly qualified technicians for each and every service. Our team is continually updating their education and training in order to give you guaranteed quality.

Safety First

  • The safety of our team and our customers is crucial and you can trust that our certified team is following all necessary safety protocols for each and every job that we undertake. 

Lastly, we promise to do whatever we can to provide you with peace of mind and a job well done so that you can rest easy again!


Do You Need Immediate Assistance? Fill In The Form Below or Call 613 967-1066! 

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