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July 2021

Essential Commercial HVAC Systems Inspection Steps Before Reopening Your Business

BiTemp Heating and Cooling in Belleville, Ontario, provides the essential HVAC steps for reopening businesses in 2021.

Essential Commercial HVAC Systems Inspection Steps Before Reopening Your Business

Here at Bi-Temp we have been receiving lots of calls from our commercial clients regarding steps to take before reopening after COVID-19.

This is a great question! And we know that for every call we receive, there are probably nine more calls we should be receiving.

While everyone is aware of what extended inactivity can do to a business's bottom line, not everyone is so informed about what it can do to their commercial HVAC systems.

This is especially true given the epic heat waves and winter storms we've had over the last year here in Ontario.

In this post, learn the essential steps businesses need to take to make sure their commercial HVAC systems are operating efficiently and safely as they reopen after COVID-19.


Have Your Commercial HVAC Systems Haven’t Been Running - What Could Go Wrong?

This is one of the most common misunderstandings that our commercial clients have about inactive HVAC units.

Under normal circumstances, you would be at your business location at least several days per week. Your HVAC units would then be operating normally.

This would discourage insects, birds and small animals from seeing your furnace or air conditioner as a comfy new home.

You would also be on site and on hand to notice any changes to your HVAC system, such as odd noises, strange smells, increased humidity, uneven airflow or increasing energy costs.

But you haven't been there. Your workforce has been remote. You really have no way of knowing what will happen when you power on your commercial HVAC system for those first critical few moments.

This is why we strongly recommend scheduling your preventative HVAC system safety inspection and maintenance service before inviting your workers to return to the office and reopening your doors to the public.


Essential Commercial HVAC Systems Inspection Steps to Take Before Reopening

So let's turn our attention now to the essential HVAC safety steps you need to take before you reopen your business.

If this list feels overwhelming as you work through the other must-dos on your business reopening checklist, we can help! Delegate these tasks to our HVAC service team in Belleville by scheduling your commercial Bi-Temp preventative maintenance and safety inspection.

1. Clean each HVAC system component thoroughly - both inside and out.

While it might feel easy enough to shove this task aside, the cleaning process serves two purposes.

First, it removes any insect or animal waste, storm debris, mildew or cobwebs, dust and debris that have settled on or inside your units.

Second, it is the best way to do a thorough preliminary safety inspection. What do you see? What do you smell? Is there any evidence of mould? Do you see damaged areas, missing insulation, a bird nest in your exhaust vent?

2. Change the HVAC system filter.

Your HVAC filter is designed to keep dust and dirt from getting into the interior of your HVAC unit and clogging or overheating the blower motor, damaging the coils or coating the fan belts.

Not all HVAC units are designed to take the higher grade of air filters that can quarantine airborne viral COVID-19 droplets. But all HVAC units need a clean filter to operate at peak efficiency and safety.

3. Inspect your ductwork system and make necessary repairs.

If you are having issues with humidity or uneven air flow in your building, the air ducts are a common culprit. But because they are hidden away, it is easy to forget they are there and even easier to allow them to fall into disrepair.

Ducts make handy nests for insects and rodents and moist incubators for mildew and mould colonies.

A sealed and insulated duct system is going to lower your energy bills, even out indoor humidity and deliver consistent air flow and temperature levels from room to room.

Are you looking for air conditioning repair services near you? Contact our heating and air conditioning experts in Belleville, Ontario!

4. Check for water or refrigerant leaks.

Refrigerant leaks are a known safety hazard. Water leaks can foster mould and do incredible damage to your building structure.

5. Inspect all electrical connections and fuel intakes.

Every year, poorly operating or unserviced HVAC units are responsible for building fires - many of which are started because of faulty fuel or power connections.

6. Inspect and clean or replace all air registers and exhaust vents.

The right type of exhaust vents will keep insects, birds and rodents out of your ductwork, HVAC components and building interior.

Clean air registers will ensure the air inside your building is free from large particulates that could carry airborne viral droplets much farther distances inside your space.

7. Calibrate indoor humidity and temperature levels throughout your building.

There are a number of reasons why you might have workers complaining about uneven heating and air conditioning or too much/little humidity inside their workspaces.

One of the most frequently overlooked reasons is a simple thermostat malfunction!

Often a quick thermostat test and recalibration can fix this issue and ensure your air conditioner and furnace are getting the right instructions to do their jobs properly.

8. Increase ventilation and air circulation throughout your building.

A key component to maintain worker and customer safety after COVID-19 is to increase fresh air circulation and ventilation throughout your building.

There are a number of methods you can choose to accomplish this goal and some of them are quite budget-friendly!

9. Repair or replace any insulation that has become damaged or degraded.

Finally, insulation is your key to protecting your HVAC and ductwork investment, managing overhead and energy costs and keeping your workers and customers healthy and comfortable.


Let Bi-Temp in Quinte West Handle Your Commercial HVAC Systems Needs This Summer

Bi-Temp Heating and Cooling in Belleville, Ontario, has a full half-century of expertise serving our commercial and residential clients in and around the Quinte West area. We install, service and repair all makes and models of HVAC system equipment!

Give us a call at 1-613-967-1066 or visit us online to schedule your commercial HVAC systems service, maintenance or new unit estimates and installation.

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