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November 2021

Boiler Repair Vs Replacement: Is Your HVAC System Ready for Winter?

BiTemp Heating and Cooling discusses the warning signs homeowners should be aware of when contemplating boiler repair or replacement.

Boiler Repair Vs Replacement: Is Your HVAC System Ready for Winter?

In just a few weeks now, the first wave of true winter weather will be arriving. Is your heating boiler ready?

Maybe you answered with an enthusiastic "Yes!"

Perhaps you thought to yourself, "No, I need to schedule boiler service."

Or it could be you suddenly realized, "I really don't know what state my heating boiler is in right now."

Take it from us, now is the time to find out. You do not want to discover your heating boiler is on its last legs or facing a major repair need after winter has begun in earnest. You want to know now, when you still have time to consider all your options.

Does your heating boiler simply need its annual preventative maintenance and safety inspection? Is it time to schedule that major boiler repair you've known is coming? Or is this the year to upgrade with a boiler replacement? 

At Bi-Temp heating and cooling, we provide boiler replacement, repair and preventative maintenance! Read on to make your choice.


When Should You Consider A Boiler Replacement?

If your heating plans this winter include use of a boiler that is 15 years old or older, this is definitely the time to start considering a replacement, according to Energy Star.

Of course, this isn't a decision you will want to make lightly. There are other factors to consider that can guide you to the most economical option from every angle.

The most pressing consideration is whether your heating boiler may be heading towards a major repair. The next section will tell you what to watch for.

Is Your Heating Boiler About to Drain Your Wallet?

As a general rule of thumb, if the cost of furnace repair or furnace maintenance exceeds half of what a new HVAC system would cost, it’s time to think about a full replacement - the same is true for boiler repair and maintenance!

What warning signs should you watch (and listen) for when a major boiler repair is in your near future?

  • Strange sounds like rumbling, rattling, hissing, whining, banging and knocking.
  • Uneven heating or delays in heating after the boiler cycles on.
  • Your hot water output is more like lukewarm or room temperature water.
  • Signs of condensation or leaking on or around your heating boiler.
  • Unusual odours, including burning and rotten eggs smells.
  • Constant high water pressure reading on the pressure gauge.
  • Pilot light is orange or yellow instead of blue (if applicable).
  • You see a fault code on the boiler display.


A Major Boiler Repair Could Trigger a Boiler Replacement

1. Rust and Corrosion

The heating boiler tank is one of the important and expensive components.

When your heating boiler begins to develop rust or corrosion on the tank itself, this is definitely an indication your boiler may be heading towards replacement.

Rust and corrosion can occur due to undiagnosed air leaks or water leaks, chemicals in your water supply or the presence of minerals or sediment that builds up inside the tank.

When combined with high water pressure, a rusted or corroded tank could turn into a tank explosion - a truly damaging and dangerous situation. In addition to a boiler tank replacement, you could be looking at extensive water damage with attendant mould remediation and restoration repairs.

A poorly maintained heating boiler with a missing or caked-over anode rod is one of the biggest causes of corrosion or rust that leads to premature replacement.

So be sure to schedule your boiler annual preventative maintenance and safety inspection to avoid this.

2. Pump Problems

If your heating boiler's pump goes out, it is kind of like your boiler's heart just failed.

Reason being, the pump is what moves the heated water or steam throughout your space - similar to how a duct system moves hot air generated by a forced air furnace or heat pump system.

When your heating boiler simply stops producing heat output, often it is the circulator pump that is to blame.

3. Smaller Boiler Repair Needs

Other common heating boiler repair needs that are generally manageable on their own become less so as they pile up.

Igniter replacements, whole system flushing, leak repair and sealant and zone valve failures can easily put a dent in your wallet each on their own. Together, you can easily cross that 50 percent threshold we spoke of earlier.


Start With Heating Boiler Preventative Maintenance

What will your Bi-Temp HVAC system technician do during your boiler annual preventative maintenance and safety inspection service?

  • Check and test all safety valves and pipes.
  • Inspect for condensation or leaks in and around the boiler.
  • Inspect and clean pilot/ignition system, including flame sensors and burner.
  • Analyze combustion performance (vital to guard against carbon monoxide emissions).
  • Test and recalibrate operation controls and thermostat and clear any error codes.
  • Inspect and clean vents, flues and fuel train system.
  • Inspect all connections, pipes and wiring.
  • Test and adjust water pH.
  • Check for rust/corrosion or sediment/mineral buildup.
  • Do a thorough test run of the whole boiler system and make adjustments as needed.
  • Address any performance issues or questions you may have.

When you consider how much you rely on your heating boiler during the long, cold winter season, taking the time for a once-annual preventative maintenance service and safety inspection starts to seem like the smartest choice.


Quinte West Bi-Temp Handles All of Your Heating Boiler Repair, Maintenance And Replacement Needs

Bi-Temp Heating and Cooling has a long record of superior customer service in Belleville, Ontario, and surrounding areas. Our HVAC system technicians are adept at maintaining, repairing and installing all makes and models of heating boilers and HVAC equipment.

We are also proud to offer hot water tank rentals as an economical alternative to buying. Need a heating boiler replacement quote? Ours is fast and free!
Give us a call at 1-613-967-1066 or visit us online to schedule your heating boiler repair, maintenance or installation.

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