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Now Is The Best Time To Install A New Air Conditioner in Belleville, Ontario!Summer Is In Sight - Now Is The Best Time To Install A New Air Conditioner in Belleville, Ontario!

Looking for trusted Heating and Cooling in Belleville, Ontario this spring? At Bi-Temp LTD. we install, repair, and maintain your home’s air conditioner needs!

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Spring has sprung in Quinte and we couldn’t be more excited! This is the best time for our local homeowners to install their new air conditioner in Belleville, Ontario. Whether you are building a new home this spring, purchasing a home, or preparing your long-term home for another summer season, the first step is to ensure your air conditioner is working properly!

At Bi-Temp LTD., we supply our Quinte homeowners with all their heating and cooling services. We provide air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance throughout the spring and summer months!

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Our HVAC system specialists provide professional Heating and Cooling Services in the Quinte region. Contact our team to install your new Air Conditioner in Belleville, Ontario, today!


Check Out Our Selection Of Air Conditioners in Belleville, Ontario, Below:

Geothermal Air Conditioner

Central Air Conditioner

Ductless Air Conditioner

We also offer Air Conditioner Repair Services! If you are unsure whether you need a new air conditioner or not, CLICK HERE


Top 5 Reasons To Install A New Air Conditioner This Spring:

We are frequently asked when is the best time to install a new air conditioner. As a rule of thumb, our Bi-Temp air conditioner experts recommend purchasing and installing your new air conditioner in the spring months so that you can fully enjoy its benefits!

1.    Avoid The Summer Heat 

How many times have you woken up one spring morning only to realize that it is 25 degrees outside and you haven’t even checked your air conditioner unit yet? Let’s avoid that unfriendly wake-up call! This year, you can make sure that you are prepared for the summer heat to arrive BEFORE it gets here!

2.    Beat The Summer Rush

If you related to the above scenario, you can bet that many other homeowners in the Quinte area have probably experienced this unwelcome wake-up call as well.

At Bi-Temp in Belleville, Ontario, we’ve noticed a HUGE rush of homeowners calling to install their new air conditioner in Belleville during the heat of summer. Most are on a tight budget and a tight timeline - asking what the best air conditioner for their needs might be and how fast they can get it installed. Some ask about the cost to install central air conditioning in their home. Others are asking about the cost of a one-time air conditioner repair and maintenance service.

This year, you can beat the summer rush and have your home’s air conditioner in Belleville already installed and prepared. All you have to do when you wake up to that unexpected heat wave is simply turn on your newly installed air conditioner and breathe in that cool, fresh air again!

3.    Save Money During The Summer Months!

How can installing an air conditioner in the spring allow you to save money in the summer? We’ll be honest - supply and demand!

During the summer months, most homeowners, cottage owners and commercial business owners are calling for air conditioner repair services. The demand is huge and the time is sparing, which is why our HVAC professionals at Bi-Temp in Belleville, Ontario, always recommend purchasing and installing your air conditioner in the spring months.

Another important factor to consider is that you may only require a minor air conditioner repair. In this case, waiting to schedule that air conditioner repair until the summer months could potentially cause a more expensive repair. Fixing the issue early on can save you quite a bit of money, time and stress!

Now Is The Best Time To Install A New Air Conditioner!4.    Free Up Your Valuable Vacation Time!

Summer is short! With only a few months to fully enjoy the warmth and sunshine, we want to make sure that you have the time to do just that. Spending your summer scheduling one air conditioner repair after another is not the ideal summer vacation!

Let us handle your air conditioner repair and installation needs this spring so that you can fully enjoy your summer vacation!

5.    Have A Stress Free Summer!

Last but not least, nobody wants to spend their summer stressed about their HVAC system. Our Bi-Temp team in Quinte is committed to ensuring that your home is stress free, comfortable and safe!

Our professional HVAC system specialists can help assess your air conditioner repair needs, provide our expert advice on a new air conditioner installation, and have everything ready to go before summer hits!

Installing Your New Air Conditioner in Belleville, Ontario, With Bi-Temp LTD
The arrival of spring always reminds us to clean our windows, wash our hours and clean out our closets. But, the most overlooked Spring Clean-Up item on our agendas is actually our Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance needs. Not sure whether you need to repair or replace your air conditioner?


5 Warning Signs You Need To Replace Your Air Conditioner:

  • Lack of Cool Air
  • Strange Noises 
  • Strange Smells 
  • Increased Energy Bills 
  • Frequent Repairs

Looking for a trusted Heating and Cooling in Belleville, Ontario? Our HVAC System specialists at Bi-Temp LTD. can help! Contact our team to install your new Air Conditioner in Belleville, Ontario, today!

We service, install and repair all your air conditioner needs so that you can fully enjoy your summer this year!

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