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Furnace Repair And Emergency Heating Services


Belleville Furnace Repair And Emergency Heating Services

At Bi-Temp LTD. in Quinte, we provide 24/7 Emergency HVAC services - DAY or NIGHT!

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Heating emergencies are quite common during the cold, winter months in Ontario. With the frigid temperatures and unpredictable snowstorms, heating emergencies are something we experience on a regular basis within the Quinte region - but you don’t have to!

At Bi-Temp LTD. in Belleville, Ontario, we provide fast, reliable and professional heating services for our HVAC clients! Whether you’ve lost heat in your home or noticed your furnace beginning to malfunction, now is the time to ensure that your heating system is working properly!


How do I know if my furnace if broken?How To Know If Your Furnace Is Broken

A malfunctioning furnace could be due to a number of factors. Some of these are easy to fix and may only require a short call with our professionals over the phone! Others may require a more extensive furnace repair or furnace replacement. If you think your furnace is beginning to malfunction, check the following factors!

  • Check if your furnace and thermostat are turned on properly and set to the proper temperature. Check to see if your thermostat’s batteries are fully charged as well.
  • Check for possible obstructions around the furnace (ie. cracked vent pipes or dirt build-up).
  • Check to see if your fan is working when you turn the furnace on.
  • Check your furnace filter.

It’s important to understand how serious your furnace problem is, and whether it requires a simple repair or complex replacement.

Not sure how to check your furnace? Contact one of our qualified heating technicians at Bi-Temp in Belleville to schedule a furnace maintenance, repair or replacement appointment!

You can also check out our COVID-19 policies HERE so that you know what to expect with our technicians.


Contact Bi-Temp LTD. In Belleville For Emergency Furnace Repairs And Replacements

A broken furnace can be a very serious issue - especially during the cold winter months when most of us stay indoors. A broken furnace could potentially lead to fire hazards, increased electrical bills and overall heat loss.

Taking the proper time to learn how to care for your furnace and maintain it throughout the winter months can help you to stay healthy this winter! Find out how HERE!

Looking for a furnace repair company in Belleville, Ontario to keep your family safe and warm this winter? Our qualified team of heating specialists and technicians are on-call 24/7 to provide you with emergency heating services!

We have provided furnace maintenance, repairs and installations within the Belleville and surrounding Quinte areas since 1968. As one of the oldest, local HVAC companies in Belleville, Ontario, we have also become one of the most trusted! Read what our customers are saying HERE!


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