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Quinte Heating Services - Boiler Systems

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As Belleville’s trusted heating service since 1968, Bi-Temp LTD. is the number one choice for all your heating installation needs in Quinte and surrounding areas. At Bi-Temp, we only work with the highest quality boiler supplier companies, providing our clients with energy efficient heating systems that last. 

During the cold, winter months of Southern Ontario, the need for a durable, high quality heating system is imperative. Our qualified and experienced HVAC technicians at Bi-Temp LTD. in Belleville understand the urgency of installing, maintaining and repairing a working heating system throughout this season. This is why we have our technicians and support staff available 24/7 for emergency installations, maintenance and repairs throughout Quinte and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for more information about our services, or fill in the form below for a FREE QUOTE on your boiler system installation. 

Bi-Temp LTD. works with residential, commercial and industrial locations, providing our clients with warmth, comfort and safety. Whether your heating system needs to be purchased, updated or replaced, our HVAC technicians are prepared to provide you with quality, friendly service! 

Benefits Of A Boiler Heating System

  • Boiler systems provide increased energy efficiency 
  • Boiler systems are quiet 
  • Boiler systems do not require filter changes 
  • Boiler systems optimize your indoor air quality 

Explore the high quality boiler brands that Bi-Temp LTD. provides below:

Is it starting to get cold out? Do you need to install your boiler as soon as possible? Contact our support team at (613) 967-1066 or find us online here. You can also fill in the form below for a FREE QUOTE on your next home boiler system or heating repair service!

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