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6 Simple Immune-Boosting Safety Tips You Can Use Now


These days, it is clear our minds are all focused on one topic: the coronavirus.

Staying healthy and safe is the number one priority right now. There is no subject more interesting or worthy of extended conversation and debate.

After nearly a half-century spent in the HVAC, ventilation and plumbing industry, we have learned a thing or two about how to help people stay healthy in their own homes.

In this post, we share our six favorite immune-boosting safety tips to help you keep your family in good health.

Understand how Coronavirus Spreads

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) tells us that the coronavirus spreads in three ways:

  1. by touching an infected person (a carrier)

  2. by touching a contaminated surface (door knob, drinking glass, etc.)

  3. by breathing in airborne viral particles (e.g., after someone has coughed or sneezed)

What many people don't realize is that a person can be a carrier for coronavirus without showing any health symptoms at all. Many people who are carriers are not even aware that they have COVID-19.

This is why it is so important to stay at home, practice social distancing and be especially cautious to protect elderly or immuno-compromised loved ones from exposure.

6 Immune Boosting Safety Tips to Use Now

These six simple safety tips can help to boost your immune system function while we are under the COVID-19 shelter-in-place order.

1. Change your furnace filter every month

This may seem like a very simple safety measure - too simple to combat something like a coronavirus.

But guess what your furnace filter gets so dirty with? All that yucky black and grey stuff you see is dust, dirt, pet dander, pollen, bacteria, mould, mildew and other micro-toxins.

Your furnace filter is like a set of lungs for your house. Just as you want to keep your own lungs clean, you want to keep your home's lungs clean.

This way, your own lungs aren't having to work twice as hard to filter incoming air and keep you healthy.

2. Wash your groceries with warm water or cook them

There is a lot of conflicting advice circulating about how best to sanitize produce and groceries.

Please do not use bleach! Bleach is a potent toxin of its own and can cause respiratory irritation and internal injury. Bleach is not supposed to be used on food and will make your immune system work harder to deal with this poison.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that the coronavirus breaks down readily in the presence of heat or warm water.

Just by cooking your food or washing your produce in warm water, the heat will naturally break down any micro-particles that may be present.

3. Add vitamin C and other antioxidants to your diet

Antioxidants are naturally occurring chemical compounds that are present in many fruits and vegetables. The word "anti-oxidant" means "stops oxidation." Oxidation basically means deterioration.

So when you increase your intake of antioxidants, you give your immune system some much-needed expert assistance to fight free radicals and other dangerous matter that is trying to invade your body.

4. Know how to wash and disinfect your hands properly

Even during our current shelter-in-place orders, there may be times you cannot avoid going out.

When this happens, it is vital to know what to do to wash and disinfect your hands properly.

The CDC states that the best way to wash your hands is to use good old-fashioned soap with warm water (remember that heat breaks down the viral particles). Soap your hands thoroughly and rub them together for 20 seconds under very warm water.

Alternately, you can use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol content. Thoroughly coat your hands with the sanitizer and rub them together for 20 seconds or until they feel completely dry.

5. Keep your home and vehicle clean and disinfected

This may not sound like fun (especially when there is so much to watch in your Netflix queue!) but it really is vitally important to keep everything you use regularly squeaky clean right now.

Clean and disinfect all shared surfaces like door knobs, light switches, fan pulls, counters and cabinet pulls, toilet handles and seats, water fixtures, steering wheels, keys, appliances, computer keyboards and mice, etc.

You can use any EPA-approved surface cleaner or any cleaner that contains at least 70 percent alcohol. Wearing disposable gloves is highly advised.

6. Get as much rest and high-quality sleep as possible

If there is one single thing you can do to truly give your immune system a head-start against COVID-19, it is this: get enough sleep.

When you are asleep, your body and brain take that time to do repairs on organs and systems, balance metabolism, flush toxins and lower stress levels. Science tells us that sleep is so critical that a chronic shortage can literally shorten our lifespan!

While the average adult needs seven to eight hours, more is better during this coronavirus pandemic. Your immune system needs all the help it can get.

We Are Still Here to Serve You

Here in Ontario, heating, air conditioning and plumbing have all been deemed to be "essential services" during the coronavirus pandemic.

This means that here at Bi-Temp Heating, Ventilating and A/C, we are here to serve your emergency repair and service needs.

We aim to continue to be of service in a way that safeguards your health and also the health of our service technicians and work crews. As our COVID-19 update explains, this means we will be working remotely, just like so many other Ontarians.

If you need emergency repair services, you can contact us by phone at 613-967-1066 for help. We will also be offering contactless payment methods for all repair needs.

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