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Quinte Heating Services - Heat Pumps

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Bi-Temp LTD. in Belleville has been providing high quality heating services to Quinte and the surrounding areas since 1968. We are a trusted team of qualified HVAC technicians providing your home and workplace with safe and comfortable climate control. 

Being located in Southern Ontario has provided us with extensive experience in the drastic seasonal changes of Canada. When the frigid, cold winter comes knocking on your door, you can call on Bi-Temp to install, upgrade, repair or replace your heat pump. We also provide 24/7 emergency HVAC services for your comfort and convenience! Your trusted Belleville heating company only works with the highest quality HVAC suppliers and we strive to provide you with an equally high quality service experience. Check out what our clients are saying here!

What Is A Heat Pump And How Does It Work?

A heat pump is a device used to transfer heat from a colder area into a hotter area. To do this, the system uses mechanical energy, allowing for the heat to circulate through multiple cycles - including evaporation and condensation. 

One of the key benefactors of a heat pump is its ability to provide year-round climate control. This innovative heating system can be used to heat your home in winter and cool it down during the summer months - they also act as a dehumidifier!

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